Free Internet providers boost UK access

By Mike Ingram, 19 February 1999

A proliferation of free Internet access availability over the past six months has had a significant impact on Internet usage in the United Kingdom.

A materialist examination of human consciousness

Nancy Russell reviews Consciousness Explained by Daniel C. Dennett

20 January 1999

Daniel C. Dennett's book Consciousness Explained, published in 1991, has been at the center of a large body of debate. Aimed at both the lay person and the scientist, the book became a bestseller and was described by the New York Times as one of the 10 best books of that year.

The joy of science

A review of Unweaving the Rainbow by Richard Dawkins

By Barry Mason, 8 January 1999

Unweaving the Rainbow by Richard Dawkins, published by Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, £20, ISBN 0-713-99214-X

Breakthrough in theoretical math

After 300 years, computers facilitate solution to Kepler Stacking Problem

By Trevor Johnson, 6 January 1999

Professor Thomas Hales of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced last year that he had posted on the Internet the solution to a seemingly simple problem that has taxed the brains of some of the finest mathematicians for 300 years. If the proof is accepted as complete (which now seems likely), Kepler's Stacking Problem will have been solved through a combination of human ingenuity and the power of modern computers. The solution, posted by Professor Hales at contains 250 pages of logic, and the use of mathematical programs requiring huge amounts of storage space.

An attack on democratic rights

Former CompuServe executive convicted in Internet censorship case

By James Brookfield, 2 June 1998

The May 28 conviction of a former CompuServe executive in Munich, Germany highlights growing attempts to bring the Internet under government control and to restrict the exchange of information and opinion on the computer network. While the executive, Felix Somm, was officially tried for fostering the dissemination of pornography, this charge was groundless and served simply as a smokescreen for an attack on democratic rights.

Netscape highlights World Socialist Web Site

25 March 1998

Netscape browser highlights World Socialist Web Site

Carl Sagan (1934-1996): An appreciation

By Joseph Bradshaw, 13 January 1997

Detailed discussion of his work and materialist outlook, and includes a focus on his attitude to Trotsky.

The fate of Soviet genetics

By Frank Gaglioti, 4 October 1996

The intellectual heritage of the Russian Revolution in the arena of science as in other fields is largely unknown and buried. It has suited the purposes of the ideologues of capitalism to equate Soviet science with the limited and sometimes bizarre scientific results produced in the stifling intellectual atmosphere engendered by Stalinism.

Fermat's last theorem

A seventeenth century puzzle solved

By Peter Symonds, 31 December 1969

The following article was first published on July 23, 1993 in Workers News, the newspaper of the Socialist Labour League, the forerunner to the Socialist Equality Party (Australia).