Socialist Equality Party (Australia) 2010 Election Campaign

GM Holden’s wage-cutting deal and the Labor government’s “productivity” agenda

Patrick O’Connor—SEP Senate candidate for Victoria, 17 August 2013

The GMH agreement sets a new benchmark for the corporate assault on workers’ wages and conditions.

Australia: Gillard hails “resilient democracy”

By Patrick O’Connor, 8 September 2010

The prime minister delivered an extraordinary speech yesterday evening which comprised a series of lies on the meaning of the election crisis and its outcome, and overtures towards the Liberal-National opposition.

Australia: Labor forms minority government with rural independents’ support

By Patrick O’Connor, 7 September 2010

The resolution of the first hung parliament in Australia since 1940, 17 days after the August 21 election, marks the culmination of a series of behind closed doors discussions involving the most powerful representatives of the corporate and financial elite.

Australian election crisis

Greens sign deal backing minority Labor government

By Patrick O’Connor, 1 September 2010

After capitalising on widespread hostility to the major parties and their right-wing agendas, and winning a record vote for a minor party in the August 21 election, the Greens are now determined to demonstrate their credentials to the ruling elite as a “responsible” force for “stability”.

Mass breakout at Australian refugee detention centre

By Mike Head, 1 September 2010

The desperate protests in Darwin highlight the barbaric character of the Labor government’s mandatory detention regime, which imprisons refugees and their boat crews, without trial, in violation of elementary legal and democratic rights.

The Global Economic Breakdown—A Marxist Analysis

Nick Beams to address University of Western Sydney students

1 September 2010

Socialist Equality Party (Australia) national secretary Nick Beams has been invited by the University of Western Sydney Schools of Law and Economics and Finance to deliver a guest lecture on the global financial crisis.

Australian election crisis

Caretaker PM delivers pitch to independents and financial markets

By Nick Beams, 31 August 2010

Caretaker prime minister Julia Gillard had two objectives in her address to the National Press Club today: to secure the support of independents for a minority Labor government and to reassure the Australian corporate elites.

SEP public meetings

The Australian election crisis: The political issues facing the working class

31 August 2010

The Socialist Equality Party is holding public meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle to discuss the unprecedented crisis that has resulted from the August 21 federal election and the political issues now confronting the working class.

As Australian election impasse continues

Murdoch media issues threats to independents

By Mike Head, 28 August 2010

The Murdoch press has threatened three independents with political oblivion if they fail to back an Abbott-led minority government.

Australian voters speak out—Part 3

“Why are we still in Afghanistan!”

By our reporters, 26 August 2010

Voters spoke to the WSWS on election day in Australia expressing their alienation from the major parties and their concerns on a range of issues—from the Afghan war to the political coup within the Labor party and the deterioration of living standards.

Australian voters speak out—Part 2

“It’s like the election got hijacked”

By our reporters, 25 August 2010

Voters spoke to the WSWS on election day in Australia expressing their alienation from the major parties and their concerns on a range of issues—from the Afghan war to the political coup within the Labor party and the deterioration of living standards.

Australia: Greens willing to join coalition government with Labor or Liberal

By Patrick O’Connor, 25 August 2010

The Greens are utilising their new power to demonstrate their “responsibility” and commitment to “stable government”. They have already begun closed door discussions with both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Australian voters speak out—Part 1

“Everything is far from rosy”

By our reporters, 24 August 2010

Voters spoke to the WSWS on election day in Australia expressing their alienation from the major parties and their concerns on a range of issues—from the Afghan war to the political coup within the Labor Party and the deterioration of living standards.

SEP 2010 Australian election campaign wins powerful response

By Linda Levin, 24 August 2010

The socialist and internationalist program advanced by the SEP in the 2010 Australian federal election has won a strong response from significant layers of workers and young people throughout the country.

After the Australian election: The way forward for the working class

Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 24 August 2010

The hung parliament that emerged from Saturday’s election is a further expression of the deepening crisis of the parliamentary system both in Australia and internationally.

Australia: Labor and Liberal vie to form minority government

By Patrick O’Connor, 24 August 2010

Negotiations have begun between the independent and Greens parliamentarians, and Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott, for the formation of a minority government.

Australian election delivers first hung parliament in 70 years

By Patrick O’Connor, 23 August 2010

The hung parliament resulting from Saturday’s federal election, the first since 1941, has triggered an enormous crisis for the Australian ruling elite and presages heightened political and social instability.

Voters speak to the WSWS on election day

By our reporters, 23 August 2010

At the end of a campaign focussed on party leaders, with little discussion of issues affecting ordinary workers, many voters welcomed the opportunity to be interviewed for the World Socialist Web Site.

SEP holds final election meetings on Trotskyism and the struggle for socialism

By our correspondents, 21 August 2010

The Socialist Equality Party election meetings this week commemorated the 70th anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky and the significance of his principled struggle for the working class today.

The Fourth International and the Perspectives of the SEP

By Nick Beams, 21 August 2010

Socialist Equality Party National Secretary Nick Beams delivered this speech to the SEP’s final election meetings in Melbourne and Sydney on August 18 and August 19.

Audience members speak about Trotsky, socialism and the SEP

By our reporters, 21 August 2010

The SEP held meetings this week in Melbourne and Sydney entitled “Seventy years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky: The Fourth International and the Perspective of the Socialist Equality Party”.

SEP’s Carolyn Kennett exposes Greens’ role at public education forum

By our reporter, 21 August 2010

Carolyn Kennett, the SEP candidate in the Sydney seat of Reid, exposed the role of the Greens, and the efforts of the teacher unions to promote them, when she addressed a public education forum.

SEP candidate for Swan speaks on health care

By Joe Lopez, 20 August 2010

Lopez, a health worker, focussed his remarks on the crisis in the public health system and the myth of general prosperity as a result of the mining boom in Western Australia.

Vote Socialist Equality Party in the 2010 Australian election

the Socialist Equality Party, 20 August 2010

The SEP’s campaign has advanced the socialist and internationalist perspective needed by working people to prepare for the social struggles that are set to emerge following the August 21 election.

SEP candidate Carolyn Kennett campaigns in Reid

Increasing social hardship in Sydney’s west

By our correspondents, 20 August 2010

The SEP’s campaign in the seat of Reid, which covers Sydney’s mid-western suburbs, found widespread concerns about high unemployment, housing stress and rising social inequality.

Police conduct “terrorist” raids on eve of Australian election

By Mike Head, 20 August 2010

Federal and state police yesterday conducted dawn raids in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth on 17 homes and offices of Kurdish Australians in what the police described as a “joint counter terrorism investigation”.

SEP candidate demands immediate end to Tullamarine health hazard

Peter Byrne and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Calwell, 19 August 2010

Residents in the Melbourne suburbs of Gladstone Park and Westmeadows in the Calwell electorate are facing serious health risks as a result of chemical leakage and fumes from the nearby Tullamarine Hazardous Waste Landfill.

SEP candidate debates Labor, Greens and Socialist Alliance

James Cogan spells out socialist policies at Sydney candidates’ forum

By our reporter, 19 August 2010

James Cogan, the SEP candidate for Grayndler, in Sydney’s inner west, made the contrast between the SEP and every other party clear at a candidates’ debate at Marrickville Town Hall last night.

Australian courts reject undemocratic electoral amendments

Richard Phillips and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Blaxland, 19 August 2010

Rulings this month by Australia’s judiciary open the way for an estimated 100,000 additional voters to participate in the August 21 federal election.

SEP candidate James Cogan speaks about Trotskyism on Sydney community radio

By James Cogan, 18 August 2010

The SEP candidate for Grayndler, James Cogan, was interviewed at length on the party’s policies and historical perspective on Sydney community station Radio Skid Row on Tuesday.

SEP campaigns in Sydney seat of Parramatta

By our reporters, 18 August 2010

Over the past week, Socialist Equality Party candidate Chris Gordon was interviewed on community radio and addressed a local candidates’ meeting organised by Falun Gong, but was barred from speaking at a “Make Poverty History” forum.

Australian Labor Party’s campaign “launch”: Gillard pitches her right-wing credentials to corporate elite

By Patrick O’Connor, 17 August 2010

The Labor Party launched its federal election campaign yesterday, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard using the occasion to pitch her pro-business credentials against those of opposition leader Tony Abbott.

SEP candidate Noel Holt for Newcastle addresses community forum

By our correspondent, 17 August 2010

In a lively debate, Holt crossed swords with the candidates of the Labor Party, the Greens and the ex-left Socialist Alliance on a range of issues from the Afghan war to climate change and, in doing so, outlined the SEP’s socialist alternative.

Video: James Cogan answers community questions on the environment

17 August 2010

James Cogan, the SEP candidate for the inner-western Sydney seat of Grayndler, provided video answers to questions on the environment by a local organisation, Climate Action Newtown.

“Rudd’s removal was a putsch by the mining companies”

Blaxland voters speak out about their concerns

By our correspondents, 16 August 2010

Socialist Equality Party members and supporters have won important support from workers and youth in the federal electorate of Blaxland for the party’s policies over the past four weeks.

The great Australian superannuation fraud

By Alex Messenger, 16 August 2010

Returns on Australian compulsory superannuation savings, a scheme sold to workers as a substitute for the old-age pension, have barely surpassed the rate of inflation over the last 14 years.

SEP candidate for Parramatta discusses urban infrastructure crisis

By Chris Gordon, 14 August 2010

SEP candidate Chris Gordon spoke at a public meeting last Sunday in his electorate of Parramatta about the lack of public housing, transport and other infrastructure in the working class suburbs of Sydney’s west.

Australia: Gillard rolls out right-wing education agenda

By Alex Messenger, 13 August 2010

Australia’s Gillard-led Labor government has entered the last weeks of the federal election campaign by announcing a series of harsh market-based education ‘reforms’.

SEP candidate for Swan campaigns at Royal Perth Hospital

By our correspondent, 13 August 2010

Last weekend, SEP candidate for Swan, Joe Lopez, discussed the party’s program with hospital workers, patients and visitors outside the Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), Western Australia’s biggest public teaching hospital.

Video: Nick Beams explains Socialist Equality Party election program

13 August 2010

Nick Beams, SEP national secretary and Senate candidate in NSW, discusses the socialist alternative to war, social inequality and the escalating attack on democratic rights.

Labor pledges new assault on the jobless and welfare recipients

Mike Head and SEP candidate for Fowler, 12 August 2010

The Gillard government yesterday announced far-reaching “welfare reform” measures designed to punish the unemployed and dismantle welfare entitlements.

SEP candidate for Fowler speaks on the assault on democratic rights

By Mike Head, 11 August 2010

Socialist Equality Party candidate Mike Head spoke at a public meeting last Sunday on the erosion of basic legal and democratic rights, and its connection to the backroom coup that installed Julie Gillard as prime minister.

Australian bushfire royal commission report—a political whitewash

Tanya Baptist and SEP candidate for Gellibrand, 11 August 2010

The royal commission’s final report makes no direct criticism of the Victorian Labor government, or its predecessors, whose budget-cutting policies were responsible for the high death toll on “Black Saturday”.

SEP public meetings in Sydney and Melbourne

Seventy years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky: The Fourth International and the Perspective of the Socialist Equality Party

11 August 2010

SEP candidates will address final election campaign meetings on the 70th anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky, the founding of the Fourth International and the perspective of the Socialist Equality Party.

SEP candidate for Calwell addresses the social crisis facing workers and youth

By Peter Byrne, 10 August 2010

Socialist Equality Party candidate Peter Byrne spoke at a public meeting on Sunday about the terrible impact of decades of de-industrialisation and economic restructuring in his electorate.

SEP’s Chris Gordon addresses Your Rights at Work candidate forum

Socialist Alliance & Greens candidates call for Labor vote

By our reporters, 10 August 2010

Chris Gordon, Socialist Equality Party candidate for the seat of Parramatta, spoke at a candidates’ forum convened by the Parramatta branch of Your Rights at Work on August 7. Gordon opposed Labor’s Fair Work Australia legislation that bans most forms of industrial action and called for a political break from Labor and the unions.

SEP candidate speaks on the Afghan war

By James Cogan, 9 August 2010

Socialist Equality Party candidate James Cogan spoke at a public meeting last Thursday in his electorate of Grayndler against the rise of militarism and the US-led occupation of Afghanistan.

Australian election: Corporate concerns raised about “broken political system”

By Patrick O’Connor, 9 August 2010

In an extraordinary and desperate move, Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has drafted her predecessor Kevin Rudd to campaign for the re-election of the Labor government.

SEP candidate speaks on crisis facing students

By Zac Hambides, 7 August 2010

SEP candidate Zac Hambides spoke from personal experience of the immense difficulties, stresses and obstacles that decades of free market restructuring have created for university students.

Australia: Once more on the ETU disaffiliation

By Terry Cook, 7 August 2010

In proposing a formal organisational break with Labor, the ETU leadership was simply seeking room to manoeuvre. The union recognised that widespread hostility to Labor had created a dangerous political vacuum that had to be filled to prevent workers turning to a socialist perspective.

SEP candidate campaigns at Newcastle university

By Terry Cook, 6 August 2010

Noel Holt campaigned at the University of Newcastle this week, speaking to students on a range of questions from the political coup in the Labor Party, to the issue of war, social inequality and the environment.

Australia: Greens manoeuvre for de facto coalition with Labor

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for Senate in Victoria, 6 August 2010

The Greens 2010 election campaign has been dominated by preparations for a de facto, if not direct and explicit, ruling coalition with the Labor Party.

SEP election campaign in Fowler finds...

Deep disquiet in western Sydney over Australian Labor’s leadership coup

By an SEP reporting team, 5 August 2010

The SEP’s campaign in the outer south-western Sydney electorate of Fowler for the August 21 Australian election has found broad hostility toward the backroom coup that installed Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

“We are putting forward a genuine alternative for the working class”

Socialist Equality Party candidate interviewed on Melbourne radio

By Margaret Rees, 5 August 2010

SEP candidate for the Senate in Victoria, Patrick O’Connor, was interviewed on Melbourne Talkback Radio (MTR) last Tuesday. A lively discussion took place as the right-wing presenters attempted to belittle the SEP and socialism and were solidly rebutted by O’Connor.

The ousting of Kevin Rudd: How the global corporations and financial markets rule

By Nick Beams, 4 August 2010

At a public meeting in western Sydney, SEP national secretary Nick Beams explained the underlying reasons for the political coup in the Australian Labor Party that ousted former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Australia: Labor’s factional war—a deepening crisis of the parliamentary system

By Nick Beams, 3 August 2010

The internecine war that has broken out in the Australian Labor Party, with the publication of a series of leaks aimed at damaging either Prime Minister Julia Gillard or her deposed predecessor Kevin Rudd, is more than a passing factional conflict.

Australia: Labor’s leadership coup starts to unravel amid leaks and counter-leaks

By Mike Head, 2 August 2010

A war of damaging internal leaks has dashed the hopes of Gillard and her backers of using a snap election to bury all discussion about the implications of Labor’s June 23-24 political coup.

New Zealand government launches fresh attack on workers’ rights

By Tom Peters, 2 August 2010

The National Party government has announced a swathe of changes to the country’s labour laws that will make it easier for businesses to sack workers, drive down wages and further curtail workers’ ability to defend their pay and conditions.

SEP candidate speaks on Gillard’s education record

By Carolyn Kennett, 2 August 2010

Carolyn Kennett, who is a university lecturer and SEP candidate for Reid, focussed at an election meeting yesterday on the role of Prime Minister Julia Gillard in undermining public education through Labor’s so-called Education Revolution.

Australia: Labor’s punitive industrial legislation in action

Noel Holt and SEP candidate for Newcastle, 31 July 2010

Months after a settlement was reached in a dispute at Woodside Petroleum’s $12 billion Pluto gas project in Western Australia, hundreds of workers are facing huge fines for taking industrial action to defend their basic conditions.

Young people disenfranchised in Australia’s snap election

Richard Phillips and SEP candidate for Blaxland, 30 July 2010

Australians not already registered on the electoral rolls had only one working day to secure their right to vote in the August 21 federal election.

SEP (Australia) relaunches party web site

29 July 2010

The Socialist Equality Party has relaunched its website,, featuring the SEP’s 2010 election statement, profiles of its candidates and information on the campaign.

Support the socialist alternative to war, social inequality and attacks on democratic rights! Build the Socialist Equality Party!

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 29 July 2010

The Socialist Equality Party calls on working people and youth to support our campaign in the August 21, 2010 federal election and vote for our candidates in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

Australian election takes place in a ‘parallel universe’

By Alex Messenger, 28 July 2010

As the Australian federal election campaign enters its second week, the major political parties and corporate media, followed obediently by the Greens and “ex-left” groups, have already sharply narrowed the terms of permissible debate.

Implications of Rudd coup discussed at SEP meeting in Newcastle

By our reporter, 27 July 2010

SEP national secretary Nick Beams and Noel Holt, the SEP candidate for the federal seat of Newcastle, addressed workers, students and professionals at a well-attended meeting on Sunday.

Australian election: The fraud of Labor’s “Work Choices” scare campaign

Noel Holt and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Newcastle, 27 July 2010

Labor’s legislation actually strengthens the anti-strike provisions of Work Choices. It outlaws all industrial action except during the limited bargaining periods for enterprise agreements at individual workplaces.

Australia’s political coup and the role of the ex-left

By Laura Tiernan and Nick Beams, 26 July 2010

The response of the middle-class pseudo-left groups to the coup that removed Australian Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and installed Julia Gillard has highlighted the class interests they serve.

Australia: Gillard and Abbott stage sham election debate

Patrick O’Connor and SEP candidate for the Senate in Victoria, 26 July 2010

Last night’s sole election campaign debate between Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition Liberal leader Tony Abbott comprised lengthy diatribes by both leaders against refugees and immigrants, and a series of lies and evasions on the world economic crisis, the war in Afghanistan, mounting social hardship, and climate change.

Socialist Equality Party election meetings

The socialist alternative to austerity, social inequality and war

26 July 2010

The SEP candidates will be addressing public meetings over the next four weeks and final rallies in Melbourne and Sydney.

Australian PM Gillard’s climate change speech—another admission of bankruptcy on the environment

Patrick O’Connor and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Senate in Victoria, 24 July 2010

Labor Prime Minister Gillard’s speech on climate change was a conscious fraud, combining lies on the science of global warming with new sound-bite driven measures pitched towards business which do nothing to adequately address the environmental crisis.

Australia: Electrical union members disaffiliate from Labor

By Terry Cook, 23 July 2010

The vote is a sharp indication of mounting hostility within the working class toward the Labor government.

Australian election: The Labor government’s childcare backdown and the profit system

Tania Baptist and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Gellibrand, 23 July 2010

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made clear that Labor’s construction halt on new childcare centres, which was imposed at the behest of the private for-profit childcare operators, will be maintained.

SEP candidate addresses student rally at University of New South Wales

“This fight is first and foremost a political struggle against the Gillard government”

By Oliver Campbell, 22 July 2010

Zac Hambides, the SEP candidate for Kingsford-Smith, advanced the need for a political struggle against the Gillard Labor government at a demonstration of University of NSW students on Tuesday.

Australia: Xstrata launches new provocations against Tahmoor miners

the Zac Hambides and Socialist Equality Party candidate for Kingsford-Smith, 22 July 2010

Mining giant Xstrata has refused to allow more than 270 workers who went on strike for seven days last week to return to work at its Tahmoor mine in the New South Wales southern highlands.

Socialist candidate’s open letter exposes attempted political censorship at UNSW rally

By Zac Hambides, 22 July 2010

Zac Hambides, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for Kingsford-Smith, issued an open letter condemning a bid by the Student Representative Council to bar him from speaking at a student rally at Sydney’s University of NSW.

Australia: Election slogans spark wave of disgust

By Nick Beams, 21 July 2010

Less than a week into the Australian federal election campaign, the hollowed out and atrophied character of the entire system of bourgeois parliamentary democracy is being increasingly exposed.

Socialist candidate blocked from addressing building workers rally

Unions deflect anger over Labor’s prosecution of South Australian construction worker

By Alex Messenger, 21 July 2010

Union officials suppressed political discussion yesterday as building workers joined protest rallies against the trial of South Australian construction worker, Ark Tribe, on charges of refusing to answer questions from the federal Labor government’s building industry watchdog.

SEP candidate calls for political struggle against Labor’s anti-strike laws

By Noel Holt, 21 July 2010

Noel Holt, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for Newcastle in the August 21 Australian federal election, has released the remarks that union officials prevented him from making at yesterday’s construction workers rally in Sydney.

SEP candidate speaks at academics’ union forum

A revealing political line-up in Australian election campaign

By Oliver Campbell, 20 July 2010

An election forum demonstrates the efforts of the Labor Party, unions, Greens and pseudo “left” groups to suppress all discussion of the global economic crisis and the corporate-backed coup that installed Julia Gillard as prime minister.

SEP stands candidates to provide socialist alternative

Prime Minister Gillard calls snap Australian election

By Mike Head, 19 July 2010

The Socialist Equality Party is standing candidates in the Australian federal election, which newly-installed Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called for August 21, the shortest time legally possible.

Australia: Socialist Equality Party announces its 2010 election candidates

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 19 July 2010

The Socialist Equality Party announces its candidates for the 2010 Australian federal election, to be held on August 21.