Rattled by Trump victory, Canada offers to renegotiate NAFTA

By Roger Jordan, 11 November 2016

Canada’s purportedly “progressive” Liberal government has rushed to partner with what will be the most right-wing administration in US history.

Canadian spy agency concealed mass data intelligence-bank from courts

By Roger Jordan, 10 November 2016

The Federal Court criticized Canada’s premier spy agency for lying about its retention and use of metadata from persons not considered security threats.

Canada: Unifor scuttles strike at Integram Seating plant in matter of hours

By Carl Bronski, 8 November 2016

Fearful that the Integram strike would cut into the profits of the Detroit Three and galvanize opposition to the low-wage two-tier system, Unifor went into overdrive to shut it down.

Newfoundland pushes ahead with Muskrat Falls project amid mass protests

By Janet Browning, 8 November 2016

The government is intent on making the population pay for the environmentally destructive, highly speculative dam project through electricity-rate hikes and social spending cuts.

Auto parts workers launch strike at Integram facility in Windsor, Ontario

By Roger Jordan, 7 November 2016

If the strike remains under Unifor’s control, it will inevitably be isolated and betrayed.

Canada’s Liberal government outlines privatization plans

By Roger Jordan, 5 November 2016

Moves to privatize Canada’s eight largest airports are already well advanced.

Reject Ford Canada-Unifor sellout agreement

For a counteroffensive of North American autoworkers against wage and job cuts

By Roger Jordan, 5 November 2016

Ford Canada workers should combine a “no” vote on the concessions deal with an urgent appeal to autoworkers in the US and Mexico for a united struggle against the auto bosses and their union accomplices.

Parti Québécois selects third leader in three years

By Laurent Lafrance, 4 November 2016

Of the candidates vying for PQ leader, the winner, Jean-François Lisée, is the most closely identified with the PQ’s support for austerity and promotion of chauvinism.

Unifor promotes concession contracts and big business Liberals

By Roger Jordan, 3 November 2016

Unifor works with the auto bosses to ensure their Canadian operations are “globally competitive,” while collaborating with the big business Liberals in pursuing austerity and war.

Unifor announces sell-out agreement with Ford Canada

By Carl Bronski, 1 November 2016

Unifor leaders acknowledged there are “bad things” in the proposed deal with Ford and elements they “don’t like,” but refused to say anything more about them.

Report documents Canadian government’s abuse of immigrant and refugee children

By Janet Browning and Roger Jordan, 29 October 2016

Under the ostensibly “refugee friendly” Trudeau government, the Canada Border Services Agency is continuing to incarcerate children in prison-like conditions in violation of international law.

EU crisis deepens as trade deal with Canada stalls

By Jordan Shilton, 27 October 2016

Whether or not the deal is ultimately ratified, the conflicts over CETA have again starkly exposed the advanced state of decomposition of the European Union.

Unifor prepares pattern sellout for Ford Canada workers

By Carl Bronski, 27 October 2016

In advance of the approaching contract deadline at Ford, Unifor President Jerry Dias is defending the sellout agreements imposed at General Motors and Fiat Chrysler.

Unifor’s Detroit Three “pattern” pact and the ruling class assault on pensions

By Roger Jordan, 25 October 2016

Big business representatives are applauding Unifor for giving up newly-hired autoworkers’ right to a guaranteed pension and are calling for this to become a new Canada-wide standard.

SEP presidential candidate speaks in Toronto on struggle against war

By Dylan Lubao, 25 October 2016

Jerry White addressed audiences of students and workers in Canada’s largest city on the need to build a global, working class-led movement against war.

Canada to partner with France in waging war in Africa

By Laurent Lafrance, 24 October 2016

Under the guise of promoting peace and fighting “Islamist terror,” Canadian imperialism is preparing to advance its growing economic and geopolitical interests in Africa.

Liberals impose austerity in Newfoundland and Labrador

By Janet Browning, 24 October 2016

The Liberals have cut public sector jobs, hiked taxes, and slashed public services after plummeting oil prices blew a hole in the province’s budget.

SEP presidential candidate speaks to Ford workers in Toronto

By our reporters, 22 October 2016

Jerry White spoke to Ford Canada workers at the Oakville assembly plant, the center of opposition to the concessions agreement being pushed by the auto union, Unifor.

1937: When Canadian and US autoworkers fought together

By Roger Jordan, 20 October 2016

Coming just weeks after the Flint sit-down strike, the 1937 strike at GM’s Oshawa facilities contains pivotal lessons for autoworkers fighting to defend their jobs and rights against the Detroit Three and the Unifor bureaucracy.

US SEP Presidential Candidate Jerry White to speak at two meetings in Toronto this week

18 October 2016

White’s campaign is directed at mobilizing workers in the US, Canada and around the world against war and social inequality and the capitalist system in which they are rooted.

Unifor rams through another sellout deal at Fiat-Chrysler

By Carl Bronski, 17 October 2016

The large “no” vote for a concessionary agreement Unifor is touting as the best in years indicates mounting opposition not just to its terms, but to the pro-company Unifor.

“How can you have a fair election if you don’t have the full information?”

Windsor Fiat Chrysler workers denounce Unifor sellout deal

By a reporting team, 15 October 2016

A Word Socialist Web Site Newsletter reporting team encountered strong opposition to the tentative contract deal between Unifor and Fiat Chrysler, based on the scant details released by the union.

Vote “No” on FCA-Unifor sellout deal

Build rank-and-file committees to resist company-union concessions

By Roger Jordan, 15 October 2016

If the latest concessions deal is to be defeated, everything depends on the independent initiative of FCA workers.

Fiat-Chrysler workers must demand to see Unifor-FCA sellout deal in full

By Roger Jordan, 14 October 2016

FCA workers must reject the attempt to stampede them into another rotten concessions agreement and assert their democratic right to see the proposed contract in full.

“It’s not a union anymore, it’s a business”

Canadian autoworkers react to Fiat Chrysler sellout

By our reporters, 13 October 2016

Canadian autoworkers reacted strongly to the announcement of a concession-laden deal Tuesday between Unifor and Fiat Chrysler.

New revelations detail Canada’s complicity in torture

By Roger Jordan, 12 October 2016

Canada’s security agencies developed their own rendition-type program to circumvent the prohibitions on detention without charge and torture.

Form rank-and-file committees to unite workers in the US and Canada

Vote “no” on the Unifor-FCA agreement!

By Carl Bronski, 12 October 2016

The WSWS Autoworker Newsletter calls on Fiat-Chrysler workers in Canada to reject the sell-out agreement and form rank-and-file factory committees to mobilize autoworkers north and south of the border.

Unifor thwarts strike by Canadian Fiat-Chrysler autoworkers

By Roger Jordan, 11 October 2016

Unifor announced just before midnight Monday it had reached a rotten concessions agreement with Fiat-Chrysler modelled on the contract that it recently rammed through at GM.

As autoworkers mobilize against concession demands

Unifor President Dias attempts to “whipsaw” Canadian auto plants

By Carl Bronski, 8 October 2016

Militant opposition to the miserable GM pattern settlement is growing at Fiat Chrysler and Ford Canada auto plants.

Political lessons from the Canadian auto “bailout”

By Roger Jordan, 7 October 2016

A successful autoworker counter-offensive requires not only a political and organizational break with the pro-company Unifor, but a political struggle against the entire ruling class and their political hirelings.

Opposition grows to GM Canada pattern contract

By Carl Bronski, 5 October 2016

Fearing mass rank-and-file opposition to the rotten “pattern” agreement Unifor reached at GM Canada, the local leadership at Ford’s Oakville assembly plant now claim to oppose it.

“If they bring back the same contract as GM we are going to reject it”

Unifor sets stage for Fiat-Chrysler sellout

By Carl Bronski, 4 October 2016

Unifor’s bargaining team at Fiat-Chrysler in Canada is putting the finishing touches on the “pattern” agreement initially negotiated at GM late last month.

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White visits Windsor

Growing opposition from Canadian autoworkers to Unifor-backed sellout contracts

By a WSWS reporting team, 4 October 2016

FCA Canada workers warmly greeted White and stopped to discuss their contract battle as well as the broader political questions raised by the US elections.

Canadian autoworkers denounce contract sellout

By Carl Bronski, 29 September 2016

Workers at Canadian plants operated by the Detroit Three auto companies spoke to the WSWS Autoworkers Newsletter of their opposition to contract concessions and the pro-company policies of Unifor.

Liberals’ Canada Post review lays basis for massive assault on postal workers

By Laurent Lafrance, 28 September 2016

Despite making a public show of criticizing the task force’s call for further cuts in service and attacks on workers’ rights, CUPW bears political responsibility for the reactionary report.

Unifor’s big lie exposed

Ontario Liberal government reveals GM investments are not finalized

By Carl Bronski, 27 September 2016

A minister has let slip that Unifor’s much-trumpeted investment “guarantees” at General Motors Canada—“guarantees” it “won” through further concessions—are not a done deal.

Unifor president jeered by hundreds at Oshawa meeting

GM Canada workers narrowly approve sellout deal

By Carl Bronski, 26 September 2016

Having rammed through a concessionary 4-year “pattern agreement” at GM, Unifor will now try to impose it on workers employed at Ford’s and Fiat-Chrysler’s Canadian operations.

GM autoworkers denounce Unifor at ratification meeting

By our reporters, 26 September 2016

Workers at the ratification vote decried the union’s refusal to release the full contract and its collusion with GM management.

US SEP Presidential Candidate Jerry White to speak in Montreal this Saturday

22 September 2016

White’s campaign is directed at mobilizing workers in the US, Canada, and around the world against war and social inequality and the capitalist system in which they are rooted.

Demand release of full details and two weeks to vote

Contract “framework” at GM Canada continues attack on autoworkers

By Carl Bronski, 21 September 2016

Unifor is trying to rush through a sell-out agreement before GM Canada workers have a chance to study the full details of the still uncompleted deal.

Unifor blocks strike at GM Canada

By Roger Jordan, 20 September 2016

Past promises of “job security,” along with union-backed concessions, have done nothing to stop the destruction of jobs.

SEP presidential candidate speaks with Canadian autoworkers about contract battle

By our reporters, 20 September 2016

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White visited the Fiat Chrysler plant in Windsor, Canada to fight for the unity of autoworkers on both sides of the border.

Strike deadline looms at GM Canada

By Carl Bronski, 19 September 2016

The aim of the automaker and Unifor is to use the threat of job losses to push through another corporate-friendly agreement to set the pattern at Ford and Fiat-Chrysler.

Canada’s Liberals defend “war on terror,” spy agencies in Bill C-51 consultation

By Roger Jordan, 17 September 2016

The Liberals’ Green Paper on Bill C-51 offers a full-throated endorsement of the intelligence agencies, while hinting at even more repressive powers to come.

UAW balks at solidarity action as Canadian auto talks continue

By Carl Bronski, 15 September 2016

In remarks to the press, UAW President Dennis Williams refused to commit to any specific solidarity action in the event of a strike by autoworkers in Canada.

For a counteroffensive against the auto bosses!

A socialist-internationalist strategy for Canadian Detroit Three workers

By Socialist Equality Party (Canada), 15 September 2016

To prevent Unifor from sabotaging their struggle, auto workers must build new organizations of struggle, democratically controlled by the rank-and-file.

Calls for Canada to develop cyberwar capabilities

By Dylan Lubao, 13 September 2016

Plans to upgrade the country’s offensive cyberwarfare capabilities are part of broader moves to expand the firepower and global footprint of Canada’s military.

Alberta government backs decision not to charge cop who killed unarmed man

By Janet Browning, 12 September 2016

Alberta’s NDP government has endorsed the Prosecution Service’s decision not to charge the Calgary cop who killed an unarmed man in psychological distress in March 2015.

Canada’s pseudo-left Socialist Project propagandizes for US imperialism in Iraq

By Roger Jordan, 9 September 2016

Socialist Project is promoting an article by a former US State Department official that advocates a Kurdish state in northern Iraq because it would advance “America’s national interest.”

Unifor selects General Motors Canada as pattern bargaining target

By Carl Bronski, 8 September 2016

The selection of GM is a signal to the Detroit automakers that Unifor is set to negotiate deals that attack the wages and benefits of autoworkers and bolster corporate profits.

Trudeau attempts balancing act in eight-day China visit

By Roger Jordan, 8 September 2016

The Canadian prime minister stressed Ottawa’s desire to “reset” relations with Beijing and avoided talking publicly about the mounting tensions between US imperialism and China.

Canada’s Liberals launch inquiry into “missing and murdered indigenous women”

By Janet Browning and Roger Jordan, 6 September 2016

The inquiry is part of the Liberals’ native “reconciliation” agenda, which aims to “reconcile” the impoverished indigenous population to Canadian capitalism by cultivating a privileged First Nations elite.

“It’s our turn to reap some of the rewards of record profits”

Canadian autoworkers overwhelmingly approve strike action

By Carl Bronski, 31 August 2016

Voter turnout at many of the union locals was extremely high, reflecting a determined mood of militancy, but the Unifor union has no intention of waging a serious struggle.

Despite Canada Post’s provocations, postal union opposes strike action

By Laurent Lafrance and Roger Jordan, 30 August 2016

The CUPW has consistently refused to mobilize resistance to the massive concessions demanded by the federal government-owned Canada Post.

Trudeau given hero’s welcome by Unifor bureaucrats

By Roger Jordan, 27 August 2016

Unifor President Jerry Dias lauded the actions of the pro-austerity, pro-war Trudeau government as “a pinnacle start for working people.”

British Columbia Liberals impose anti-Chinese property transfer tax

By Dylan Lubao, 23 August 2016

The political elite and corporate media are scapegoating Chinese investors for skyrocketing house prices caused by rampant speculation and the failure to invest in social housing.

Mounting evidence Canadian police summarily executed terror suspect

By Roger Jordan, 20 August 2016

The account of the taxi driver at the scene when Aaron Driver was killed and the autopsy of his corpse strongly suggest the 24-year-old was summarily executed by police.

Canada’s defence minister tours Africa to lay groundwork for military intervention

By Roger Jordan, 16 August 2016

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has confirmed that Canada will soon announce a major military intervention of “long-duration” in one or more African countries.

As Canadian auto talks begin, Unifor promotes nationalism and corporatism

By Carl Bronski, 13 August 2016

Leading Unifor officials were effusive in their praise for Detroit Three management, demonstrating again their utter servility to corporate bosses.

Terror suspect killed in Canadian police-military operation

By Roger Jordan, 13 August 2016

Wednesday’s lethal police-military operation raises troubling questions, including whether police summarily executed the suspect, Aaron Driver, after he was injured.

Canada: Refugees mount hunger strike to protest indefinite detention

By Laurent Lafrance, 10 August 2016

The conditions facing the hunger strikers make a mockery of the Trudeau Liberals’ claims to be heading a “refugee-friendly,” “progressive” government.

Hardship grows in Alberta as oil industry contracts

By Janet Browning, 5 August 2016

The economic slump brought on by the oil price collapse has increased poverty rates, food insecurity and homelessness.

Canadian police “manufactured” terror plot to ensnare couple

By Roger Jordan, 1 August 2016

A BC judge has ruled a high-profile terrorism case was in fact “a clear case of police manufactured crime.”

CUPW blocks strike action; touts plans to boost Canada Post’s profits

By Laurent Lafrance, 27 July 2016

The postal workers’ union is thwarting any job action against Canada Post’s sweeping concession demands and promoting the big business Liberal government’s postal review.

Unifor and Detroit Three use job threats to beat back demands of Canadian autoworkers

By Carl Bronski, 26 July 2016

With labour agreements covering 23,500 Canadian autoworkers expiring on September 19, Unifor and the Big Three are preparing to exchange proposals for a new four-year deal.

Canada to wage war in Africa

By Roger Jordan, 21 July 2016

Canada’s defense minister and top military commander say the Liberal government will soon send troops to Africa.

Trudeau bolsters Canadian support for Ukraine’s far-right regime

By Roger Jordan, 15 July 2016

During a two-day visit, Trudeau signed a free trade agreement with the Poroshenko government and signaled support for it “reclaiming territory” through war.

Canada’s elite rattled by Brexit vote

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 9 July 2016

While most of the establishment has deplored the vote by the UK to leave the EU, the pro-Quebec independence PQ and some Conservatives have hailed the assertion of “national sovereignty.”

Canada Post moves to lock out 50,000 workers

By Roger Jordan, 7 July 2016

While Canada Post is pressing for sweeping concessions, the union, CUPW is seeking to isolate the workers and thwart strike action.

Canada to jointly lead NATO’s new “advanced force” against Russia

By Roger Jordan, 2 July 2016

The deployment was announced less than 24 hours after President Obama called on Canada to play a greater role in NATO and spend more on its military.

North American summit dominated by Brexit fallout and geopolitical rivalries

By Roger Jordan and Keith Jones, 30 June 2016

Obama took a direct swipe at China, warning that if the three North American countries did not act together, other countries in Asia would write the rules of global trade.

Trudeau blocks inquiry into Canada’s role in torture of Afghan detainees

By Laurent Lafrance, 29 June 2016

Like the Conservatives, the Liberals are determined to cover up for the war crimes of the military which they view as vital for asserting the global interests of Canadian capitalism.

Canada Post preparing to lock out 50,000 workers

By Roger Jordan, 23 June 2016

CUPW’s opposition to a genuine struggle against concessions and in defence of public services is demonstrated by its fulsome praise for the Liberal government and its Canada Post “review.”

Canadian autoworkers face fight against threatened plant closings

By Carl Bronski, 22 June 2016

As in the US, the Detroit automakers and the Canadian unions are using the threat of plant closings to ram through concessionary contracts.

Fort McMurray residents return to badly damaged city

By Janet Browning and Roger Jordan, 21 June 2016

Serious concerns exist about the threat to public health from the large quantities of toxic waste created by the massive wildfire.

Canadian government tables bill for parliamentary “oversight” of spy agencies

By Roger Jordan, 20 June 2016

The oversight committee will provide a “democratic” fig leaf for Canada’s national security apparatus, which in the name of fighting terrorism has been given police-state powers.

Canada’s elite urges Liberal government to deploy troops to Eastern Europe

By Roger Jordan, 16 June 2016

Canada is expected to become the fourth “core” contributor to a NATO force to be deployed to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe with the aim of provoking Russia.

Canada: Unifor prepares to cede further concessions to Detroit Three automakers

By Carl Bronski, 15 June 2016

Faced with company threats to further slash auto production in Canada, Unifor is signaling its readiness to impose concession-filled contracts to fatten shareholder profits.

Canadian economy faces sharpest quarterly contraction since financial crisis

By Roger Jordan, 11 June 2016

The Bank of Canada is warning that housing prices in Toronto and Vancouver are unsustainable.

Canada’s ruling elite uses diplomatic flap to caution Trudeau over China

By Roger Jordan, 7 June 2016

Canada’s media and opposition parties seized on the Chinese foreign minister’s dressing down of a Canadian journalist to press for a harder line against Beijing.

Canadian court rejects indefinite detention of man under anti-democratic Security Certificate

By Roger Jordan, 4 June 2016

Under Security Certificates, anyone who is not a citizen can be detained indefinitely on the government’s say-so and with the detainee having no right to see the evidence against them.

Canadian prime minister endorses Japanese position on South China Sea ahead of G7 summit

By Roger Jordan, 27 May 2016

Canada is deeply implicated in the US-led “pivot” to Asia, and is determined to deepen economic and security ties with Japan.

Canadian ruling elite applauds Liberal government for securing seat at Syria peace talks

By Roger Jordan, 24 May 2016

Canada’s seat at the table has been secured through its services rendered in the US-led military operations in the Middle East.

Thousands of oil workers evacuated as Alberta wildfire spreads

By Roger Jordan, 21 May 2016

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley presented a timeline for residents to return to Fort McMurray, but the flare-up of the fire again this week could push this back.

Canadian ruling elite divided over prospect of Trump presidency

By Roger Jordan, 18 May 2016

While a majority of the political and media establishment is concerned by the rise of Trump, a significant section believes his presidency offers benefits for Canada.

Postal workers union hails Liberal government’s Canada Post review

By Roger Jordan, 16 May 2016

The CUPW accepts that Canada Post be run as a profit-making business and have sought to prevent a broader struggle in defence of public services.

Leader’s resignation sparks crisis in the Parti Québécois

By Laurent Lafrance, 13 May 2016

After less than a year at the helm of the trade union-backed Parti Québécois, media and telecommunications mogul Pierre-Karl Péladeau abruptly resigned.

Thousands lose their homes in Alberta wildfire

By Roger Jordan, 12 May 2016

While the fire is now reportedly contained, the authorities have said it will be another two weeks before they can say when the 90,000 it has displaced can return to the Fort McMurray area.

Canadian capitalism and the Fort McMurray wildfire

By Roger Jordan, 10 May 2016

The Fort McMurray wildfire is not a natural, but a man-made disaster for which the capitalist profit system bears responsibility.

Devastation from Alberta wildfire continues to spread

By Roger Jordan, 9 May 2016

While Canadian capitalism has extracted immense riches from the Fort McMurray area, little was spent to counter wildfires despite persistent warnings that they were a major threat.

Alberta wildfire continues to spread, forcing further evacuations

By Roger Jordan, 6 May 2016

The vast wealth extracted from the Fort McMurray area stands in striking contrast with the paltry resources the authorities have mobilized to tackle the wildfire and assist the displaced.

Fort McMurray teacher describes chaotic evacuation

By Roger Jordan, 6 May 2016

The World Socialist Web Site spoke to a teacher and her partner who were among the approximately 80,000 people evacuated from Fort McMurray, Alberta on Tuesday. Both had lived in the city for around two years.

Alberta wildfire forces 88,000 to evacuate Fort McMurray

By Roger Jordan, 5 May 2016

Reports suggest that the blaze has destroyed as least 1,600 residential homes, meaning between 6,000 and 8,000 people are now homeless.

Canada preparing to join US ballistic missile defense

By Roger Jordan, 4 May 2016

Its name notwithstanding, the US BMD program is anything but defensive. It is aimed at realizing Washington’s goal of developing the means to wage a “winnable” nuclear war.

Canada’s defence policy review prepares major expansion of militarism and war

By Roger Jordan, 29 April 2016

The review “consultation” document argues Canada should expand its close strategic partnership with the US, the most aggressive imperialist power on the planet.

Canada’s pseudo-left Fightback pledges loyalty to pro-war, pro-austerity NDP

By Roger Jordan, 27 April 2016

Fightback has seized on the removal of Mulcair as NDP leader to redouble its effort to keep the working class under the political control of the pro-capitalist unions and NDP.

Canadian capitalism and the subjugation and decimation of the indigenous population

By Janet Browning, 23 April 2016

As Clearing the Plains demonstrates, the Canadian capitalist state was consolidated through the dispossession of the Native Indian population, through violence, chicanery, and state-sponsored famine.

Canada’s Liberal government finalizes $15 billion Saudi arms deal

By Carl Bronski, 20 April 2016

The foreign minister has been caught out lying shamelessly about the Liberal government’s deciding role in finalizing a $15 billion arms deal with the Saudi regime.

Québec Solidaire ready to govern with pro-austerity Parti Quebecois

By Laurent Lafrance, 19 April 2016

Québec Solidaire leader Francoise David has said her party “would perhaps be in power together” with the big business PQ had the latter implemented proportional representation.

Canada: Attawapiskat First Nation declares state of emergency over attempted youth suicides

By Laurent Lafrance, 16 April 2016

Even sections of the corporate media have had to concede that Parliament’s emergency debate on the Attawapiskat crisis will do nothing to end chronic poverty and social deprivation.