SEP (Australia) meetings: The pseudo-left in power: Lessons of Syriza’s betrayal in Greece

13 July 2015

On July 5, more than 60 percent of the Greek population voted “no” in the referendum called by the Syriza-led government. In doing so, Greek workers and youth defied the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund—as well as threats from the Greek political and media establishment and military—to reject any further budget austerity and the ruthless social attacks on their living standards.

Syriza neither expected nor wanted this result. Its response has been to carry out a shameless betrayal of the working class, rushing into the arms of the European “troika” and the Greek ruling elites, and proposing to implement an even harsher austerity program, on behalf of the banks, than that rejected in the referendum. Syriza Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is collaborating with the military to impose these devastating measures onto the backs of Greek workers, pensioners and youth.

A revolutionary situation is developing in Greece. It is the outcome of the global breakdown of the capitalist system and the prelude to revolutionary convulsions around the world. It represents a decisive strategic experience for the international working class. Above all, it has clearly exposed the class character and political role of Syriza and similar pseudo-left parties internationally, such as Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative in Australia. These organisations represent privileged layers of the upper middle class, who lauded Syriza as a “model,” in order to prevent the development of an independent movement of the working class, in unity with workers throughout Europe and the world, against austerity, war and the profit system itself.

The Socialist Equality Party public meetings will provide a unique forum to discuss the crucial political lessons to be drawn from the experiences of the working class in Greece, and their relevance to the political tasks facing the working class in Australia and around the world.

We urge all WSWS readers and SEP supporters to attend the meetings, and to publicise them as widely as possible among family, friends and colleagues.


Saturday August 8, 2.00 p.m.
South Brisbane Croquet Club
91 Cordelia St, South Brisbane
(in Musgrave Park)
Tickets: $3/$2 concession